Lodging & Extras for Fun
Check-In Times
Monday through Saturday check-in
12pm – 5:30pm
(checking in before 12pm will result in an additional half day of their room)
Sunday check-in is between 1pm – 4pm

Check-Out Times
Monday through Saturday check-out

 8am – 12pm
Sunday check-out

1pm – 3pm
(Checking out after this time will result in a full days charge)

**Normal Business Hours**
Monday through Saturday 8am – 6pm
Sunday 1pm – 5pm 
Grooming, Monday – Saturday 8am – 6pm

We recommend dogs n’ cats stay on a consistent diet especially when introduced into a new environment such as boarding. Please bring their food with feeding instructions so we can continue with a uninterrupted meal plan. If you forget, no worries! We have several high quality all natural foods to choose from in our boutique n’ will be happy to help you choose one that your pet is sure to love.

Pre-bagged From Home Diets
Package their food in zip lock baggies labeled for individual meals. *Exceptions to our pre-bagged policy can be made if you have a very large dog on an extended visit. Please talk to us about bringing their food in (secure) medium sized storage containers as we do not have storage for large dog food bags.

Special Diets
Don’t hesitate asking us to continue with a special diet or preparation your pet’s food. We want to feed your dog just as you feed them at home.

We do not charge to give medications. We encourage you to bring any vet prescribed medication your fur baby is on. At this current point in time we are not taking any new clients on Insulin.
Grand Master Suite $43.95/Night per dog, multi dog discounts apply
Indoor/ Outdoor airconditioned with Tv, French Doors, Decorated room with Kuranda bed provided.

Cat Condos: $15.95/Night multi cat discounts apply
Separate quarters for our feline friends are private n' peaceful with nature view
Vip Suite 6x8:   $39.95/Night per dog, mutli dog discounts apply
Indoor/Outdoor airconditioned with Tv, Sliding Glass doors, decorated room with Kuranda bed provided
Executive Suite 4x6: $27.95/night multi dog discounts apply.

Indoor room, Tv, decorated, Kuranda bed provided. Walked 4 times daily
4x4 Indoor/Outdoor Run: $20.95/night per dog multi dog discounts apply

4x6 Indoor/Outdoor Run: $22.95/night per dog multi dog discounts apply
Mini Condo: $14.95/night
Indoor/ walked 4 times daily
fits small dogs schnauzers, bostons, small cockers
Medium Condo: $17.95/night
Indoor/ walked 4 times daily
fits small/ Med/ large dogs
5x6 Indoor/Outdoor Run: $25.95/night per dog multi dog discounts apply
Outdoor 10x10: $18.95/night per dog, multi dog discounts apply
Dog house provided. Includes a free play time daily

We Are Closed On Major Holidays

New Year's Eve & Day
Easter Sunday
Memorial Day
Fourth Of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving and The Following Day
Christmas Eve & Day
Extra Playtimes

All playtimes are supervised by our Pet Care Specialitst

Outside Yard Time 10-20 minutes 
Ball Or Frisbee Toss 10-15 minutes 
Tummy Rub 10 minutes 
Nature Hike 15 minutes 
Movie N' Popcorn 30 minutes 
Off Leash Dog Park 30 minutes
Splash N' Yard Time 30 minutes