Welcome to Bed Bath n’ Bonz
Why We Do This…
We enjoy seeing pet owners feel good about us taking care of their 4 legged family members. The services we provide for them goes far beyond just taking care of their animals. It involves developing a meaningful purpose filled relationship with each n’ every one of them, a relationship that will grow n’ prosper through many generations of pet ownership. It’s so great to be able to educate pet owners n’ share the knowledge we have, in order for them to make better decisions for their pet(s) on a daily basis. We truly want their pet(s) to be healthier n’ live longer happier lives.
Nothing makes us happier than to hear a pet owner say; “When my dog knows we’re going to Bed Bath n’ Bonz they get so excited!!” That to us is true success!
We believe our customers dogs are family members. No, not in a ridiculous way, but in a humane way – we view them as deserving of respect n’ loving care.
At Bed Bath n’ Bonz our goal is to improve the lives of dogs n’ their owners in all situations. Dogs are full of unconditional love. And it’s our duty to give some of that back.
When you see in a customers eyes, the look they get when they really understand that we care about their dogs just the way they do – when they really know that it’s true – well that’s a feeling that’s hard to describe. It’s overwhelming, it’s heartwarming. It’s the combination of immense trust n’ honorable service that makes us so proud of what we do. And it drives us to constantly be looking for ways to improve.
And that’s why we do this. This is our story and this is Bed Bath n’ Bonz!
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    Boarding Services
    Please consider your dogs temperament when choosing the enclosure your pet will be staying in. If you have a high energy pet it would be a healthy choice to provide them with additional playtime services to ensure they stay active. You know your pet best!
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    Pet Spa Services
    All Breeds Welcome n’ Cats Too!! Stop the Shedding n’ Get Furminated! Ask us how it’s done. Monday – Saturday 8am-6pm by Appointment Services: Express Grooming (upon request) Pedicures Massages Specialty Bath Products Teeth Brushing Professional Breed Specific Grooming Custom Grooming Flea Treatments
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    Nutrition n' Treats
    There are many ways to show your pet how much you love them. We believe some of the most important are providing a safe, comfortable boarding experience, professional grooming n’ by feeding them a healthy well balanced diet. Let us to help you find the best choices in nutrition for your pet. We have selected several varieties of great products for you to choose from
We're not pets...we're family!